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The Marshall McLuhan Center on Global Communications
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The Global Village
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"...suppose he is what he sounds like, the most important thinker since Newton, Darwin, Freud, Einstein and Pavlov - What if he's right?"
Tom Wolfe


Marshall Mcluhan a Biography
Marshall McLuhan (Biography cont'd)
More Famous Quotes of Marshall McLuhan
(Lots of them)
The Playboy Interview: Marshall McLuhan
The complete interview
Marshall McLuhan from 1911 to 1980
List of Books by and about Marshall McLuhan.
Links to Marshall McLuhan Sites
The Marshall McLuhan Center on Global Communications
Background on the Marshall McLuhan Center on Global Communications
The Founder - Mary McLuhan
Mary McLuhan: Her Accomplihments
The Marshall McLuhan Distinguished Teachers Awarded
The Teachers Awarded 1984-1989
The Teachers Awarded 1990-1993
The Ripple Effect - Letters From the Teachers
The Peter Gabriel Award
The April 6th, 1990 Innaugural Address
by (former) Prime Minister Brian Mulroney.
Marshall McLuhan Distinguished Teachers Links to Educational Sites on the Net
The Sponsors and Supportors of the Center
of The Marshall McLuhan Center on Global Communications, with links to their sites
The Awards The artists
THE FUTURE: The Global Village
Tom Wolfe
"The Marshall McLuhan Quarterly Probe"
On Line Magazine, Currently under construction
First Edition Due Date
Invitation to Submissions
Subscribers Information
Sponsorship and Advertising Information







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