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"The new electronic interdependence recreates the world in the image of a global village," Marshall McLuhan, 1962, The Gutenberg Galaxy.


The Global Village!

As the citizens of the planet look towards the coming millennium, Marshall McLuhan's 1962 prediction of the Global Village is a reality. Worldwide communication is instant. Information is available at our fingertips from almost anywhere in the world. The Internet has created a community that has no borders, holds no prejudices and is efficiently self-governing.

The Marshall McLuhan Center on Global Communication's goal is to join other networks in order to broaden the scope and reach of the Internet, specifically in the areas of education, to assist developing nations in creating a network whereby computer technology and Internet access will be made available to remote area schools. By so doing, this will enable educators and students around the world to communicate and interact effectively across all cultures thereby creating a "global village" of teaching excellence.

The Marshall McLuhan Teachers Award The Center has to date honoured and awarded 475 teachers across North America who have shown excellence and creativity in using technology in the class room. This year "The Marshall McLuhan Center" will transcend the previous years accomplishments by broadening the Teachers Awards Program starting with Australia in March 1997.


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