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Submissions of material for the McLuhan Quarterly Probe can me mailed to mmcluhan@mcluhanmedia.com, The Marshall McLuhan Center on Global Communications reserve all rights to publish or refuse to publish any materials sent. All materials must have your name, organization (where applicable), real address and phone number attached. Materials in languages other than English must have a notorized translation attached. If your material is used the Marshall McLuhan Center will notify you of the date and URL of the publication. Please list in: Subject, "Quarterly Probe Submission." The Center reserves the right to shorten submissions as necessary, but will submit to the author for approval before publication. No submissions can be returned.

Submissions of URLs for the McLuhan Distinguished Teachers Links pages are those that the K-12 teachers globally have found useful in the teaching learning environment. URL submissions can be sent to mmcluhan@mcluhanmedia.com please list in Subject: "Teacher Links."


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